TDF Steering Unit

RD-8250-1 TFD Device 20Nm

RD-8250-1 TFD Device 20Nm

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LORD TFD® Steering Sensor, Force Feedback Unit

LORD 20Nm CAN TFD® Steering Unit with Integrated Controller

  • Improved Operator Ergonomics – LORD patented magnetically-responsive (MR) materials provide smooth consistent resistive steering torque, giving the operator a greater sense of connectedness with the vehicle during steering events.  Rated at 20 Nm torque suitable for automotive and marine size steering wheels.
  • Tunable Steering Settings – an integrated controller uses inputs from the CAN-bus and proprietary algorithms to adjust how the steering system feels to the operator during various operating conditions, giving OEMs and vehicle integrators greater design freedom and reduced development time.
  • Integrated Safety – dual isolated channels with two sensors per channel provides safety redundancy.
  • Robust Design – compact, low power, maintenance free, easy-to-install, functional under a broad set of operating conditions and environments.